By Don Ford

TERRA LINDA (KPIX) – Plans to cut the electricity in several Bay Area counties were scaled back on Tuesday afternoon, when PG&E announced that only residents in Napa, Solano and Sonoma would be affected by the public safety power shutoffs.

All the uncertainty has left many small businesses feeling powerless, whether the lights are on, or not.

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In Marin, small businesses, especially those that rely heavily on refrigeration, were getting ready for the anticipated power outage, but late Tuesday afternoon, the situation changed. PG&E announced that this time, Marin County would not lose power.

Scotty’s Market in Terra Linda is relieved but, Senior Meat Department Manager, Stephen Franks is still getting ready. He is still not convinced.

“Not 100 percent! No. No, not by any means,” said Franks.

He says it’s too late to cancel the order for the large generators. Last time, the store lost tens of thousands of dollars of inventory, he says, not this time.

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“Not going to cancel the order. It’s insurance that we need to have something on hand. We’re not able to take a chance,” said Franks.

Even when it’s good news, folks are still skeptical of PG&E says customer Ed Tumazi,

“I don’t believe them but, hey, that’d be nice if they don’t. … they haven’t been very organized, I guess,” said Tumazi.

Wholesale produce salesman Mark Alicino came by Scotty’s. He says stores all across Marin and Sonoma were hit hard last time

“They were not open so they can’t make transactions and sell food, so that’s a big one,” said Alicino. “But two, as well, a lot of places have to throw out what goes bad in the cooler.”

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Restaurants and stores are hit harder than most places but, all businesses suffer when the power goes out.