By Andrea Nakano

NOVATO (KPIX 5) — Fire crews are welcoming this first rain of the season but for others, this means a mad dash to get work done before the precipitation starts.

The North Bay is going to get hit with the rain drops first. The Novato Fire Protection District is bracing itself for the increase in accidents that are usually associated with the first rain.

For others, it’s a race against Mother Nature.

Chase — a construction worker — and his crew will be working through night. That’s because once the storm rolls in, the green paint for the bike lanes won’t stick to the ground.

“Everybody is working seven days a week right now because of the rain,” said Chase.

Firefighters with the Novato Fire Protection District know once the rain comes, things will pick up for them.

“We are ready for all risks for everything that comes at us,” said Novato Fire Protection District Deputy Chief Jeff Veliquette.

Risks such as accidents and potential power outages related to the storm. While firefighters maybe in for a busy Thanksgiving week, they are truly grateful for the rain. After a long fire season, they can finally say goodbye to wildfire danger.

“Whatever comes after this, we appreciate but getting this bit of rain absolutely helps us,” added Veliquette.

North Marin Water District officials say for now, the rain is welcome but not absolutely needed with reservoirs at or near capacity.

The rain does signal the need for the dreaded annual yard work to clear the leaves littering the streets. Large maple leaves cover block after block of many Novato neighborhoods.

The Novato Fire Protection District says the hope is that the rain keeps falling on a somewhat consistent basis. That will help to officially put an end to the fire season.