WALNUT CREEK (CBS SF) — People living in a normally quiet Walnut Creek neighborhood were feeling uneasy Wednesday night after two home break-ins in the middle of the morning.

One victim told KPIX 5 her home was hit minutes after she went out for coffee.

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“I was downtown getting coffee. I left my house around 10:30. Maybe 20 minutes later one of my neighbors called me saying, ‘Get home. Your house has been robbed,'” said Walnut Creek resident Rita Sutherland.

The victim invited KPIX cameras into her home to show us the mess left behind by the suspects.

She says her neighbor noticed something was off when the neighbor spotted two men in hoodies casing the home near downtown. Sutherland believes the crooks came right in through the the front door.

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They turned her bedroom upside down, leaving drawers open and clothes strewn on the floor. Thieves made off with sentimental items the victim said are irreplaceable.

“They cleaned us out of sentimental stuff, mainly jewelry and all. But I’m mostly upset about my dad’s stuff, my grandma’s stuff, and diamond earrings I was going to give my granddaughter,” said Sutherland.

Sutherland said she believes watched her leave her home. “Had to be watching to see me take off because the minute I left is probably when they pulled up,” she said.

Police in neighboring Concord also confirmed there was a burglary in their city and an arrest was made. Eye witnesses on Kaitlyn Place didn’t want to speak on camera, but they told KPIX that officers in an unmarked car surrounded a silver sedan with possible burglary suspects inside with their guns drawn.

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Sutherland also said in her case, the police response was quick and overwhelming as they collected fingerprints and any other evidence left inside her home. However, Walnut Creek police said the crimes are not connected.