By Len Ramirez

SAN JOSE (KPIX) – A dangerous driving situation continues to be a problem for drivers on Highway 101 in San Jose.

Groundwater is seeping up through the pavement creating large puddles on the northbound lanes near the 880 junction.

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“It’s too much danger. To be having running water like that. On nights like this where it might freeze up. It can cause a lot of havoc,” said Tony Rivero, who works at a tire shop next to the freeway and often drives that stretch.

“I personally drove over it just last Friday and it seems to me it’s gotten worse from where it was before a year ago,” Rivero said.

That section of freeway goes below ground for about a mile, and it is right above an underground aquifer that is brimming.

We are pumping 2.5 million gallons a day,” said Victor Gauthier a Caltrans spokesperson.

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But Caltrans says just pumping water out of the area is not going to solve the problem long term. It’s working on a solution with the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

“Our engineers are working with the Water District engineers to create a new drainage system for that area,” Gauthier said.

Caltrans is not immediately concerned about the water turning to ice in the overnight hours because the water is flowing and temperatures won’t be that cold.

But drivers say the splashed windshields, and the slick pavement creates plenty of other dangers.

“It’s beyond anybody’s control. Anyone can get into an accident. It will be a chain reaction if things are not handled right,” Rivero said.

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Caltrans says it will be placing electronic message boards on the freeway to warn drivers of the water on the roadway.