OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — Hours after President Trump was acquitted in the senate impeachment trial, protesters took to the streets across the Bay Area, from San Jose to Oakland to San Francisco.

Bay Area Democrats and Republicans weighed in about where the country goes from here.

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Roughly 20 rallies were held tonight in the Bay Area. Protestors feel the impeachment process was one big cover up.

A chorus of honking cars and chants filled the intersection of Grand and Lake Park Avenues in Oakland. Protester Brad Newsham said he was frustrated by the Senate vote.

“This self-acknowledged criminal is our president? I can’t sit at home and just take it,” said Newsham.

The rallies were part of a national movement of protests held across the country. In San Francisco, a large group gathered at Powell and Market.

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By Santana Row in San Jose, protesters marched through the streets with signs in hand. No matter where the “Reject the Cover Up” rally was held, the message was the same.

“Without witnesses, without testimony, it wasn’t a trial. It was a cover up,” said Sara Katz.

But GOP strategist and Chairman of the Contra Costa County Republican Party Matt Shupe was dismissive of the articles of impeachment, saying the Democrats just didn’t have a case in the House.

“The Senate didn’t allow the circus to continue,” said Shupe.

While the protestoes are holding on to hope that the current administration will be voted out of office come November, Shupe feels the exact opposite will happen.

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“I think what this did was seal Trump’s re-election,” said Shupe. “I know his fundraising has been record breaking while the Democrats have been really struggling to raise money.”