SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) — Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday indicated the state would move to procure more space for thousands of more hospitals beds than the current amid an expected shortfall from a coronavirus patient surge.

Newsom says based on new modeling numbers on how the virus is spreading here and overseas, the state must immediately “significantly increase our procurement of assets, specifically beds throughout our health care delivery system.”

Newsom said at a Monday afternoon update that the current hospital system in the state has 75,000 beds among the 416 hospitals in the state, and the response to handle the coronavirus patient surge requires some 50,000 more beds. The figure is 20,000 more than what was understood just days ago.

The governor said it’s believed that existing hospitals can provide up to 30,000 more beds using existing staff and facilities under a surge plan that hospitals currently have in place.

“We’re much better off using the existing resources within hospital systems by allowing hospitals more flexibility,” Newsom said, adding that hospitals were working to address the patient increase with their current staffing and physical supplies.

“[The state is] looking at some of the outbuildings on the hospital campus, looking at the parking lots and getting tents and providing emergency supplies in and around those facilities,” said Newsom.