RICHMOND (KPIX 5) — Bay Area residents still trying to replenish some elusive supplies during the COVID-19 outbreak may find their best bet for tracking them down is just around the corner from their house.

There are still shortages, but the Colusa Market in Kensington was busy restocking Thursday. Owner Ike Joh said things may not be normal, but they were improving.

“You know, supplies are getting better and better. It takes a little time. Much better than last week,” said Joh.

Neighborhood stores in the East Bay are receiving supplies. The Colusa Market is filling its shelves as fast as possible with] produce, milk and bread. Customers like local resident Karen Mattern are loyal.

“I can come in here, it’s not a big deal. I can find everything I need,” said Mattern.

However, the quest to find toilet paper is still an issue.

It’s baffling to Joh. “This is crazy. Just crazy,” he said.

Up the hill at Young’s Market, proprietors have eggs and most everything else too. Supplies are starting to arrive and folks are shopping. Young’s is another family business and the owner’s daughter said she also was seeing improvement.

“It is getting better. We’re just hoping that it will continue on the following weeks,” said Ellen Young.

When KPIX 5 cameras one of the big chain stores to see how shelves looked. To be fair, it too looked much better than last week. But there was still no toilet paper.

A visit to biggest of the big stores, Costco, found tons of shoppers buying lots of milk and bread. And they had pallets of toilet paper.

However, one employee cautiously warned that the supply often runs out by mid-morning each day.