SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Bay Area residents are entering week four of the coroavirus shelter-in-place order. Some people call it “Quarantine” while others call it “The Lockdown.” But what you call it may depend a lot on your attitude and who you’re spending all that time with in close quarters.

Sometimes all that closeness can create emotional close calls.

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Erica London is a licensed marriage family therapist. She says business is booming as she helps people with counseling sessions via Skype. The same issue keeps popping up..

“We are stressed out and we don’t know what to do with these kids,” said London. “They can manage the working from home or being together just as adults, but when you throw the kids into the mix? That is the big one I’m hearing over and over again: ‘The kids are driving us nuts! What do we do with the kids?'”

She suggest some of the old fashioned things like large puzzles, board games and yes, walking around the block for sunshine and fresh air.

Ana Munoz and her boyfriend Orlando just moved in with each other days before the quarantine orders. They say it has been adjustment.

“I’m always right,” said Munoz, giggling with a big smile. “As long as he gets that, we’re OK!”

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“Apparently, some of us — me — don’t know how to load a dishwasher,” explained Orlando. “So that will create a low moment very quickly and she will get upset and go into her dungeon, AKA her office. My office is the living room.”

When conflict arises, therapist London suggests a brief break.

“Take a walk, go to another room, take a deep breath and collect myself before I come back to this conversation,” said London.

Munoz said staying positive is important.

“Now I think we found a routine, so it’s not so bad. But the days just kinda mix in all together,” explained Munoz.

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“I like it! I’m a homebody, so to me this is perfect,” said Orlando.