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SAN FRANCISCO — Bay Area television stations will be changing their over-the-air broadcast frequencies on Wednesday, April, 29 at 1:00 p.m.

People who watch free over-the-air television with an antenna will need to rescan their TV to continue receiving their local channels. It’s the same scan that you did to find your local channels when you set up your TV or converter box for the first time. Except in rare circumstances, no new equipment or services are required.

Subscribers to cable or satellite TV do not need to rescan.

KBCW 44 viewers will need to rescan after 1 p.m. on Wednesday, 4/29. If you try to rescan prior to Wednesday, it’s too soon.

Once you have rescanned you will tune to KBCW 44 to find all your great free programming.

This only applies to KBCW 44 viewers. KPIX 5 viewers do not need to rescan.

Here are video instructions:

Here’s another video that may be helpful.