BERKELEY (CBS SF) — Two men were being sought in the theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked in a carport of an apartment building in Berkeley.

Berkeley police said the theft happened sometime between April 12th at 11:55 am and April 13th at 12:05 am in a carport on the 1400 block of Berkeley Way.

Police released surveillance video showing which briefly showed the men’s faces as they jacked up a Toyota Prius and quickly sawed off the catalytic converter.

Theft of catalytic converters, an emission control device that reduces pollutants, have been rampant and the devices are valuable to thieves because of the metals in them. Police say Toyota Prius hybrids are the target in a majority of the thefts, possibly because its lighter weight makes it easier to lift with a vehicle floor jack.

The catalytic converters are typically stolen by using a small portable saw to quickly cut it off from below the vehicle while it’s raised.

If you recognize these suspects, please contact BPD’s Property Crimes Unit at (510) 981-5737.