Santa Clara (CBS SF) — While the rest of the NFL’s coaches return to their offices Friday, the 49ers staff will continue to work remotely until they get the green light from Santa Clara county.

“I’m not too upset about it. Yeah, you want every advantage possible, but our county is not there yet and it doesn’t bother me that much because I do understand. Plus, the players aren’t allowed in. Us coaches, we can meet like we’re doing right now on zoom,” Shanahan told reporters during a video conference on Thursday.

Organizations will now be allowed to have up to 100 employees in their building and must continue to follow state and local health protocols. Players are still not allowed to return and because of that, Shanahan is not worried about falling behind the other 31 teams as they prepare for the 2020 season.

“You’re not getting a big advantage. Nothing that we can’t do on zoom meetings. So, I would feel differently if other players were allowed in the building in other places. That would be a huge disadvantage for us, but until guys can start working with players, it doesn’t bother me.”

One benefit to working from home has been all the extra time Shanahan has been able to spend with his wife and three kids.

“I promise when this ends, there’s going to be stuff about quarantine that we did miss because it’s very rare you get to hang around with your loved ones this much.”

He admitted ‘Dad might not be as cool’ after 90 days in the eyes of his kids, but they’ve done everything from binge- watching all nine seasons of “The Office” to training the family’s puppy and even building a zip line in the backyard.

“I got really bored and built a zip line for my family. I tried to do it myself and I tried to build it over the pool, but I had it attached to a Palm tree and I found out Palm trees don’t have deep roots so I had to take it off the Palm tree and off the pool. Then I had to call someone to help. So, I needed help.”

The 49ers will continue their virtual offseason program before taking some time off later this month and then expect to return to Santa Clara in July for training camp. If all goes well, maybe their head coach will build them a zip line.