SAN MATEO COUNTY (CBS SF) — San Mateo County Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow on Thursday announced a revised shelter-in-place order allowing outdoor dining and charter boat operations and amending funeral attendance restrictions.

The new order announced Thursday goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

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The revised order amends the guidelines for funerals. New instructions permit indoor funerals with up to 10 individuals present. Outdoor funerals are limited to no more than 25 individuals.

The outdoor dining and charter boat service must comply with safety measures and other restrictions to ensure social distancing.

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The revised order means the popular fishing and whale+watching charters out of Half Moon Bay’s Pillar Point Harbor will be allowed to begin again, providing income for many businesses that have been shuttered for over two months.

Crew members and passengers on charter boats are required to wear face coverings at all times except when eating or drinking.

The number of people aboard the boat must be limited so that at least six feet of spacing can be maintained at all times. Rod holders must be spaced at least six feet apart from each other and boats must prohibit the shared handling of equipment, such as bait and tackle or binoculars.

Passengers must not shake hands, share food or drinks, or engage in any physical contact with each other or with the captain and crew. The boat and equipment must be washed after each trip.

Bathrooms must be sanitized after each use and contain hand sanitizer or soap and water. Passengers are permitted to bring hand-held lunch coolers only — no large coolers are allowed.

Passengers of a single household or living unit are not subject to the social distancing requirements on the boat.

In addition to the cleaning and sanitary measures at restaurants and businesses serving food, tables must be arranged to ensure that no customer is sitting within six feet of any other customer at a separate table. Patrons at a single table are limited to no more than six and must be from the same household or living unit.

Facilities that open for outdoor dining must additionally offer curbside pickup, takeaway, and/or delivery service alternatives. Lines for pickup or takeaway must be in a separate area from outdoor dining to keep patrons from unnecessarily accessing the outdoor dining area.

Lounge areas, like fire pits, can be occupied by multiple households or living units if six-foot distancing is maintained. However, entertainment events are still prohibited.