By Juliette Goodrich

DANVILLE (KPIX) – Hair and nail salons across the Bay Area were scrambling to move their services outdoors, after the state eased coronavirus restrictions and allowed them to reopen.

At Tribez Hair Salon in the Blackhawk Plaza it’s trendy, hip and moving outside. They didn’t have a choice. It was make it happen or business would be cut.

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Stylist Michael Bier is very proud of the outdoor look.

“I mean look at this. This is amazing, says Bier gesturing to a row of stations with stylish decor. “We’ve got music and we’ve got everything we need right here.”

Salons throughout the state have been dealing with the ever-changing COVID-19 rules. The directives, so far, include shut down, reopen, shut down again, to now, head outside.

“We just did what could sink or swim and I’m not sinking. We put this together in a matter of an hour and a half and we just brought everything we had out,” says stylist Devin Vallejo.

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Haircuts and updos are no problem but they will have some limitations.

According to one stylist, “We can’t do highlights. We are trying to set up shampoo bowls outdoors.”

Clients like Mark Kregel seem to like the outdoor vibe.

“There’s an outdoor breeze here that can keep the coronavirus from infecting us. I think that’s great,” he said.

“We will make it work. I feel like if we’re out here and we have everything we need… it kind of hits right here in the heart,” Bier said confidently before turning emotional. “I gotta do what I gotta do to provide for our families.”

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Tribez officially opens outside on Friday .

Juliette Goodrich