YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK (CBS SF) — The National Park Service said on Friday at least four bears have been hit by cars in recent days, two that were killed, by people who are speeding through the park.

The bears that survived the collisions were hit by drivers going faster than the 25 mph speed limit and were seriously injured and limping, the park service said.

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(National Park Service)

“We will never know the severity of their injuries. It is important to remember that while traveling in the park, the posted speed limits are not only there to protect people, but to also protect wildlife in areas where animals cross roads,”  the park service said in a blog post. “While traveling through Yosemite, try to remember that we are all visitors in the home of countless animals, and it is up to you to follow the rules that are put in place to protect them.”

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The blog post said signs by the side of the road in Yosemite Park with an image of a red bear that says, “Speeding Kills Bears” mark the locations of where bears were hit by a vehicle this year, or where bears have been frequently hit in previous years.

The signs are taken down each winter and put up as collisions occur as a reminder to visitors to slow down and keep a lookout for wildlife.

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