FREMONT (CBS SF) — Police in Fremont have installed a portable surveillance camera at the Paseo Padre Shopping Center after an 80-year-old woman was robbed of her purse and subsequently had her home burglarized by the suspects, according to authorities.

Earlier this week, detectives deployed the solar-powered camera trailer at the shopping center on the 34000 block of Paseo Padre Parkway. The 80-year-old victim had her purse taken by suspects after shopping at the 99 Ranch store.

Fremont police tweeted about the robbery and the deployment of the solar-powered camera trailer on Saturday.

Following the robbery, the suspects went to her home which was burglarized. Authorities are investigating the robbery and burglary to develop leads, but have minimal suspect information. The suspects were described by witnesses as a Hispanic male and a dark-skinned male, last seen fleeing the scene in a light colored sedan.

Police noted that in recent years, the shopping center has been targeted by criminals for robberies, auto burglaries and various thefts. The Fremont Police Department and local businesses have met frequently to discuss crime fighting and prevention strategies.

The newly deployed camera trailer is clearly marked and features four cameras providing multiple viewing angles. The size of the trailer occupies approximately 4 parking spaces and is designed to be highly visible as a law enforcement camera trailer.

In a press release, police said there are no ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader) cameras on the camera trailer. The camera trailer is one of four camera trailers purchased by the department with money from a grant.

Police are able to view video from the cameras live as well as retrieve video for up to 30 days. The camera trailer is being used in accordance with the Department’s Community Camera System policy.

Police are hopeful that the deployment by the shopping center will deter criminal activity and provide leads on suspects when crimes are committed in the area. The camera trailers are mobile and will be moved to different locations as needed.

Police said the camera trailers will also be used at large special events in order to provide added security layers for the community and are equipped with speakers to allow police to make announcements to the community during critical incidents such as evacuations or missing persons.

The camera trailers have no listening capabilities. Additional information on the Community Camera System policy can be accessed on the department’s transparency portal website.