By Emily Turner

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — As the pandemic continues and hits record numbers in California and nationwide, there is more information coming out to help doctors understand it.

A new study has identified six different clusters of symptoms, all representing different progressions of the disease. Dr. Malathi Srinivasan, with Stanford Health Care, says the information will help physicians gauge the severity of their patients’ cases and guide their treatment

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“This is giving us some early-warning symptoms and symptom clusters,” she says, “to identify those people who might need more monitoring and who might need to come in earlier.”

There are also dangers in some of the products we use to keep safe. Certain hand sanitizers are made with methanol, a toxic alcohol that can cause confusion, nausea, even death.

“Over the last month or so,” said Srinivasan, “we’ve seen about a 60 percent spike in poison centers in regards to methanol based poisoning.”

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The FDA has a do not use list on its website with more than 75 brands listed.

The future of sports is also in question. Baseball is back, barely, and on a much smaller scale. The NBA is playing and living in a bubble.

But while we could all use the distraction, Srinivasan warned reopened seasons aren’t worth the risk.

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“We really have to pay attention to what we are asking our players to do,” Srinivasan says, “as fans, I think that our number one thing should be that the game we love and the players we love stay healthy.”