SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The tsunami of news about the current coronavirus outbreak and now the reopenings can be overwhelming. To help you navigate through what you need to know here’s a news roundup of the top coronavirus and reopening-related stories from the last 24 hours.

San Mateo County Shuts Down Indoor Sunday Church Services AS COVID-19 Cases Surge
REDWOOD CITY — Indoor Sunday religious services were banned at all San Mateo County churches Sunday as the county reinstituted COVID-19 business closures that also included shopping malls, indoor fitness centers and indoor beauty salons. The county was added to the state’s COVID-19 watchlist last week — the last Bay Area holdout — due to an increase in the rate of coronavirus cases. As of Friday, San Mateo County has had 5,544 confirmed cases since the COVID-19 outbreak began in March. There have been 119 deaths — 80 of those in nursing homes — in the county with 60 residents currently hospitalized. Of those, 4 are under ICU treatment. As a result state health officials ordered San Mateo County officials to begin rolling back reopenings at 12:01 a.m. Sunday. Read More

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Text To Pac-12 Players Encourages Possible COVID-19 Opt-Out
SAN FRANCISCO — A text message circulating among Pac-12 football players is encouraging them to opt-out of practices and games until they can negotiate protections and benefits related to health and safety, economic rights and the fight against racial injustice. ESPN first reported the possible movement among players at multiple Pac-12 schools and The Athletic published the text invitation. The text says a public announcement, along with a list of demands, will be published Monday through The Players Tribune and social media platforms. “Our goals is obtain a written contract with the Pac-12 that legally ensures we are offered the following protections and benefits.” The conference announced on Friday it would begin its 10-game, conference-only college football season on Sept. 26 with a schedule with built-in make-up game provisions if a team is forced to reschedule because of a COVID-19 outbreak. Read More

PGA Championship Now Glory’s 1st Shot, With No Fans Allowed
SAN FRANCISCO — The PGA Championship in August seems familiar enough. That’s the place at the end of the major championship season that it once occupied for the better part of 70 years when it was known as “Glory’s Last Shot.” Now it’s the first shot. It’s one reminder just how much the COVID-19 pandemic, which shut down golf for three months, has led to a year like no other even for sports that have been able to resume. They can be seen, but they’re not heard. Kerry Haigh was reminded of that one week out from the 102nd PGA Championship at the TPC Harding Park. Haigh is the chief championships officer for the PGA of America in charge of preparing the public course in San Francisco for the world’s best players. Read More

East Bay Cities Cry Foul Over Illegal Sports Tournaments at CoCo County Parks
CONCORD – Most, if not all, Bay Area counties have banned organized sports at their parks and recreation facilities but some youth leagues and amateur adult teams have been defying the restrictions and playing in full-blown tournaments. Concord police broke up an adult softball tournament at the Willow Pass Community Park Saturday morning. It’s not a problem isolated to Concord, indeed it’s happening all over the region. Teams apparently travel far afield to other cities to hold large, organized sporting events. “(They had) full uniforms with fans,” said Eric Tate, who saw the Saturday morning tournament in Concord. A city spokeswoman told KPIX it began just after 8 a.m. The city had reached out to the organizers earlier this week to try to stop it. Contra Costa County leaders said it’s been an ongoing problem for the past couple of months. Read More

North Bay Gym Owner Turns Her Fitness Center Inside Out to Make Most of Pandemic Restrictions
NOVATO — The pandemic has shut down indoor gyms and fitness clubs but one in Marin County is making the most of the space it has. It might serve as a model for others to follow. Rolling Hills Club in Novato is luckier than most. It sits on seven acres at the base of the foothills so there’s lots of space for tennis courts and lap pools. The pandemic wiped out all the indoor gym areas which was a problem until owner Martha Domont took a trip to Costco. “(I) bought every single tent they had,” Domont said. “I literally bought 50 tents and you’ll see why.” With those tents, Domont brought the indoor gym outdoors. The tennis court has been covered with canopies to make a shady space for exercise and yoga classes. With more tents and some artificial turf, Domont created “Muscle Lawn,” an area for free weights and elliptical machines. Read More

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Sidewalk Vendors at Lake Merritt Sound Off on Oakland’s Ban
OAKLAND — The city of Oakland said it was going to get serious about enforcing rules for sidewalk vendors at Lake Merritt amid fears that large weekend gatherings could be responsible for the spread of the novel coronavirus. Though there was little evidence Saturday of a crackdown, there were some changes. “When we got here we found out that we shouldn’t be here,” said Mariah, a lemonade vendor. “But we decided to just come out here and take a risk anyway.” No food, no alcohol and no cannabis — that was the city’s refined policy Saturday after many weekends of large crowds and a wave of complaints from people living around the lake. “Vendors selling all kinds of stuff,” a neighbor told KPIX. “Dancers. Barbecues. Quite, you know, berserk to a certain degree during the covid situation.” Read More

Marathon Martinez Refinery ‘Indefinitely Idled’ Due to Pandemic-Driven Drop in Auto Travel
MARTINEZ — The Marathon Petroleum Corp. will “indefinitely idle” its refinery in unincorporated Contra Costa County and convert the site to a terminal facility, the company has announced. The company is also putting a New Mexico refinery on indefinite hold and announced that most jobs would be lost at the two sites, with phased layoffs starting in October. “We are also evaluating the strategic repositioning of Martinez to a renewable diesel facility, which aligns with California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standards objectives and MPC’s greenhouse gas reduction targets,” the company’s website announced. Plummeting demand for gasoline amid COVID-19 coronavirus-related travel restrictions put the Marathon Martinez Refinery on a temporary hold in April and the facility began winding down production. Read More

Report: MLB Tells Broadcast Partners To Prepare For Potential 2020 Season Shutdown
NEW YORK — Major League Baseball’s commissioner Rob Manfred told MLB Players Association head Tony Clark on Friday that the season could be scrapped if the league’s COVID-19 numbers continue to get worse, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan. According to Passan, some players briefed on the call believe Manfred could pull the plug as soon as Monday, depending on the extent of the weekend’s testing. Those individuals aren’t the only ones hearing about that possibility, either. Keith Olbermann, also of ESPN, reported Friday night that “Networks broadcasting MLB games have been alerted to look at possible alternate programming after this weekend should the league shut down.” Read More

Bay Area Health Officials Call For Enforcement Of Face Covering Directives
SONOMA COUNTY — One by one, Bay Area counties are starting to crack down on violators of the coronavirus health orders as people defy the law and cases of COVID-19 continue to climb. “If we don’t get serious, ashes to ashes, we all fall down,” said Lifelong Medical Care Dr. Desmond Carson. The emotional plea was made Friday as California became the first state in the nation to reach 500,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. The state also reported 9,147 deaths. “People must respect the guidelines of the health community, we must wear masks,” Dr. Carson said. Read More

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Diabetic San Quentin Inmate Says He Was Released to Quarantine at Novato Hotel Without Food
NOVATO — A San Quentin inmate claims he was dropped off at a Novato hotel to quarantine for two weeks, only to be left stranded without any support or a single meal. Former San Quentin inmate Mike Madeux traded a prison cell for a room at a Novato hotel but his first taste of freedom in nearly seven years hasn’t been sweet. He says he was dropped off on Tuesday. Since then, he has been scrambling to get something to eat. “I finally had to walk to the store since I haven’t had any food. I’m diabetic and I’m shaking because I haven’t had any food,” Madeux told KPIX. Madeux says he contracted COVID-19 while at San Quentin. Read More