SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Back To School looks a lot different this year. Most students aren’t going back to classrooms for a while. Instead, parents are getting their kids ready to start school from home. Here’s Part 2 of our KPIX 5 Guide To Surviving Home Learning.

Supplementing the Loss of a School Environment

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“As parents and in this new role as educators at home, it’s important to think about what we might be missing,” said Dr. Emily Slusser, Child and Adolescent Development Dept. Chair at San Jose State University. “That’s slipping through the cracks? For example, we’ve got this structure and the schedule of a regular school day.”

“To the extent that’s possible, we can re-formulate that school structure and schedule at home and in that structure and schedule, we want to build in time that allows us to engage in social exchanges with peers.”

“As students are walking in between their classes, they are oftentimes have these informal conversations. They are talking about and processing life and real world events. Unless we have that scheduled into our opportunities in our in-home learning environments, it’s going to be a major area students will be missing. We also want them to get physical exercise of course. Not only in a structured PE setting but those breaks that students get in between classes or during their recess or lunch period. We want to build those into their in-home school environments as well.”

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