SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Back To School looks a lot different this year. Most students aren’t going back to classrooms for a while. Instead, parents are getting their kids ready to start school from home. Here’s Part 4 of our KPIX 5 Guide To Surviving Home Learning.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Advanced Technology.

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“We know experts have been warning against heavy use of technology, especially in the early years, but now we see technology as the main mechanism to access learning, especially in the K-12 learning environments,” said Dr. Emily Slusser, Child and Adolescent Development Dept. Chair at San Jose State University. “We are relying on our tablets, our laptops, our internet resources more heavily than we have before.”

“Sometimes when students seem to be struggling with the content they have been assigned, it could be just a lack of understanding about how to interface with the computers that they have or the tablets that they are using or with the online nature of some of the curriculum.”

“So that’s important to understand and identify. Is it the content knowledge that the student is struggling with, or is it that they are having trouble with interfacing this new technology? As we get to the older age groups, it’s important to revisit those tech expectations. When is it appropriate to be on your cell phone technology? When is it not appropriate to be on that?”

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