PLEASANTON (KPIX) — What do you do with 180,000 square feet of empty gym space?

The Bay Club, in Pleasanton, came up with an idea that turned into a solution for kids doing distance learning this Fall and turned gym space into little classroom pods.

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The Bay Club’s executive team is comprised of many working parents.

“I have five children,” said Jamie Meafou who is Vice President and General Manager of the Bay Club Company.

“The last 2 1/2 months of school last year it was quite a struggle trying to handle all five children ages ranging from 17 to 7 years old.,”said Meafou.

Now the Bay Club and KinderCare Education are teaming up to support families with distance learners.

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“The schools are providing the curriculum .We want to really honor that and honor the work that both private and public schools are doing and that the teachers are doing,” said the Bay Club’s Annie Appel. “But , this is the ability to have assistance. It’s like having a tutor in the room making sure everyone is logged onto Zoom and making sure everyone understands what’s the next step and help them work through the day.”

The school day will be followed by Physical Education classes led by Bay Club professionals.

Jennifer Beaton is the Bay Club’s Senior Vice President of Fitness.

“They can come and we will provide sport and fitness activities to keep the kids moving since they’ve been in front of a computer all day,” says Beaton.

Is there a cost? Yes, but the Bay Club says its working on affordable pricing for working parents and parents who need the extra help with the distance learning.

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