WALNUT CREEK (CBS SF) —  As the sun bakes the Bay Area, local doctors agree on one thing: you probably aren’t drinking enough water.

Dr. William Mills, an ER doctor with John Muir Concord worries about heat exhaustion and heat stroke for those spending hours in the blistering sun.

“If you have been working in the sun for a few hours and you haven’t had to urinate – that indicates that you aren’t drinking enough water,” Dr. Mills told KPIX5.

If you do start feeling overheated, thirsty, woozy and stop sweating, Dr. Mills recommends getting inside immediately. He says there are plenty of things you can do to reduce your core temperature before heat exhaustion or heat stroke sets in.

“The best thing that you can do is to expose as much skin as possible and either mist your self with a spray bottle and sit in front of a fan or dab yourself with a cool cloth and sit in front of a fan,” Dr. Mills said.

Also recommended, cold showers and baths.