FAIRFIELD (KPIX 5) — The past 48 hours have been a roller coaster for many Fairfield residents who were evacuated because of the fast-approaching Hennessey Fire and have since been able to return home.

Just before dawn, the fires were still in the hills, not in the neighborhoods. While parts of Fairfield were still smokey, the mandatory evacuation orders had been lifted by the afternoon. Daniel Moraida and his family just returned home.

“I’m not sure how much of the fire is contained in this area, you know? So I hate to unpack everything. You know, if the winds picked up and we have to evacuate again,” Moraida said.

He said planned to keep his essential bags packed, his truck fueled and his family close.

“I see the neighborhood is here. I see some of the neighbors cars are home, so that’s reassuring that everybody’s coming back in,” explained Moraida.

A few miles away, Chris Dowling was warned to be ready to go.

“They kinda like strongly recommended that we leave, but it wasn’t mandatory. But they said, if we come back and say, ‘You gotta go!’ you gotta go!” he said.

Dowling has a pickup loaded and ready, packed full of his family’s belongings and even his sons Mustang, all pointed toward the road.

“This wind is what’s got me nervous,” said Dowling. It is a bad sign that the fire danger is still very real.

Moraida tended to his portable generator.

“This comes in handy. And I think right now we have power out,” he said.

Everyone KPIX 5 spoke with was staying ready to leave again if needed.