SANTA CLARA (KPIX) — The San Francisco 49ers said Wednesday that the team plans to pay September’s rent in full, according to its lease agreement.

The response comes after the city of Santa Clara reported that the team had not paid their rent in August and only planned to pay a half a million of its $2.751 million monthly rent.

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The city provided a letter that the team’s chief financial officer wrote in July, stating that an “untenantable condition” allowed them a rent reduction of 20 percent because of county and state health regulations imposed on large venues and gatherings and the need to cancel its preseason games.

However, city attorney Brian Doyle said that it was NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the players association that agreed to cancel all preseason games, which does not make it an “untenantable condition.”

“That is not one of the grounds under the lease for not paying rent,” said Doyle. “We did inform the 49ers and they nevertheless said that they did not intend to pay the rent; and when rent came due, they did not pay it.”

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49ers Rahul Chandhok responded with this statement:

“Mr. Doyle is, again, misrepresenting the facts in service of the City’s ongoing political agenda. The September rent payment will be paid in full, in accordance with the terms of the Lease.

While the 49ers work to support the region’s economy, Mayor Gillmor continues a pattern of mismanagement that is costing the city critical revenue, hurting small businesses, and endangering local jobs. This is just another attempt to scapegoat the 49ers for her incompetence, and her confusion on the terms of the Lease that she supported enthusiastically when it suited her political aspirations.

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Mayor Gillmor is spending millions on PR consultants, advisors, and providing raises, during a global pandemic, to the already highest paid City Manager in the state, all while knowing the city’s budget is in disarray and has been for years.
Instead of scapegoating the 49ers, it is time for the Mayor to look inward.”