SAN LORENZO (KPIX) – Every day is bring your kid to work day for two working moms at an East Bay funeral home now that COVID-19 has their kids doing distance-learning.

Lisa Bradshaw runs Grissom’s Chapel and Mortuary in San Lorenzo.

“We are currently standing in front of the casket selection room,” said Bradshaw.


She says unfortunately due to COVID work has been busy. There has been an uptick in funeral services.

At the same time, her two high school sons needed help at home with distance learning.

Logan Bradshaw is a junior at Dublin High School and admits, “I wasn’t doing as well as I was hoping or she was hoping.”

“I am a solo-driven household and my children are first and foremost but equally as important is my staff and the community that I serve,” said Bradshaw.
So she came up with a plan — a lesson plan.

“Pack your crap. We are getting in the car,” Bradshaw recalls telling them.

She turned a quiet place of grieving also into a quiet place for learning.

“So ear buds, different spacing for the kids and different directions for their computers . This is our pod,’ says Bradshaw gesturing around the casket room. “It’s has Wi-Fi and two different channels and hot spots on the cell phone,” according to Bradshaw.

Her sons said the new learning space was definitely interesting.

Lovetta Brown works at the chapel and mortuary and has a twelve-year-old daughter she now brings to work for distance-learning. Brown said her daughter wasn’t fazed by the location.

“She grew up in this business so she kind of knows caskets and is not scared,” says Brown, adding, “If this is what we have to do it’s a new norm.“

“I’m sure some of my classmates saw a casket in the background. Of course empty you know,” says Bradshaw’s son Logan.

Says Bradshaw, “They still need their mom to give them a helping hand and let them know they are not alone.”

Juliette Goodrich

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