CALISTOGA (KPIX) — Pacific Gas & Electric Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) are still affecting several communities in the Bay Area. Some parts of the North Bay are still in the dark and it has become a health and safety issue for one neighborhood in Calistoga.

The western portion of Calistoga has been without power for more than 24 hours, greatly inconveniencing residents of Rancho de Calistoga, a mobile home park for seniors, as temperatures soared into the high 90s Thursday.

Gloria Paulsen left her home Thursday night to head to a relative’s house in Novato. Paulsen’s daughter Margrethe Mummert spoke to KPIX.

“It’s too hot, it’s too hot for my mom and it’s scary for her because, when the lights go out, she gets very confused. She’s 95. It’s scary for her,” Mummert said.

Mummert came all the way from New York to help her mom evacuate during the Glass Fire. They had just got home Saturday then were hit with the power shutoff.

“Emptied the fridge, cleaned the fridge, restocked the fridge and here we are having to empty the fridge again,” Mummert said.

Fire season has been cruel to Paulsen. Her nightmare began during the Valley Fire in 2015.

“She bought this place after her house burned down and she’s been evacuated three times since then, including this last, recent time,” Mummert said.

“What else can you do but laugh? It’s terrible really,” Paulsen said.

Many in the Rancho de Calistoga community are just like Gloria, they have learned to deal with everything fire season throws their way. Catherine Singels is one of them.

“I’m fairly old so I’ve learned to not get too stressed about it,” Singels said. “There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Others, as fire danger escalates and power shutoffs continue, have to confront the difficult decision of whether to leave the area for good.

“We’re getting ready to move her out of here,” Mummert said. “We’re not going to stay here any longer. It’s too stressful on our family.”