SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The history, culture and contributions of African Americans will be taught to every K-12 student in San Francisco public schools by 2022-2023, according to a resolution passed Tuesday.

The San Francisco Board of Education approved a plan to develop a curriculum that “honors Black lives, fully represents the contributions of Black people in global society, and advances the ideology of Black liberation for Black scholars.”

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Courses include African American history, culture, civil rights, resistance, and literature.

“”The Euro-centric focus of the American education system and other American institutions has perpetually framed the history of Black people in America as either enslaved, discriminated against, or suffering under the social-ills of poor health, poverty and over-incarceration,” said Commissioner Stevon Cook, who authored the resolution.

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Cook says African innovations in math, engineering and other sciences were never sufficiently taught in traditional public schools.

Among participating institutions are the San Francisco State University Africana Studies Department, Stanford, and organizations like the Human Rights Commission and the San Francisco NAACP.

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The resolution recommends an annual budget of $15 million to implement the plan.