SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Gusty winds knocked down trees in San Francisco and sent shivering diners scurrying home from outdoor dining spots around the city. \

Park rangers said a large tree fell onto Crossover Drive, near Park Presidio bypass in Golden Gate Park Sunday morning and the westbound lane was shut for about an hour. The 29 Muni bus line was also re-routed.

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“Doesn’t seem like anybody was hurt so that’s most important,” said Jordyn Smith, who was cycling in Golden Gate Park.

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Park rangers said that, because of the size of the tree, they didn’t have the right equipment to cut it up and remove it. They cleared some branches so cars could drive on the shoulder and said they should have the equipment on Monday.

Not far away, near the corner of Cabrillo and 38th Avenue, high winds snapped a tree limb. Public Works responded but it was unclear when they’d remove it. Across town on Polk Street, a small tree was blown over onto the sidewalk.

There were at least a dozen reported downed trees in San Francisco on Sunday. Most appeared to have shallow roots. Daly City reported some downed electrical wires.

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“I just biked across the bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, and pretty much was riding sideways the whole time,” Smith said. “Luckily, there weren’t too many people on the biking side but the winds are howling. They’re literally screaming over the bridge. You couldn’t hear someone next to you,” she added.

The weather also made it difficult for people to enjoy outdoor dining. A group of friends at an outdoor table on Cabrillo Street said it was too cold and too windy to remain. They quickly drank the beers they ordered and headed home.

“It’s a lot harder than it has been in the last couple of weeks,” said Roy Harada.

Many restaurants told KPIX they saw fewer customers this Sunday compared to last week. They worried the winter months will drag down their business even more.

“Just going to get some food, go back home. It’s too windy and gusty out here,” said restaurant customer Rishi Patel.

Back in Golden Gate Park, some people said they’ll be more mindful about falling trees.

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“Seeing that tree is definitely a wake-up call to notice what’s going on around us and, as the winds pick up, to be mindful if any other trees could be falling down in our path,” said park neighbor Lauren Dedore.