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Inga’s Scallion Pancake Dish

Taiwan has so many amazing flavors and one of Inga’s favorite things to make is scallion pancakes. This 4-ingredient crispy and flaky dish is very popular in Taiwan, and it’s fairly “straightforward to make,” according to Inga. She says that the “flavor really brings [her] back to Taiwan.”

The Step-By-Step Tutorial
To make this favorited dish at home, you’ll need to follow a quick, step-by-step process brought to you by our food expert, Inga.

  • First, you’ll need to press down on the dough, and then roll it out with a food roller.
  • Once it is rolled out, sprinkle on the scallions and gently peel up the corners.
  • Again, you’ll want to try to roll it out as much as you can, thinning out the dough into a flat pancake shape.
  • Lastly, throw the scallion dough into a pan and fry it up.

Ta-da, you have now made your very own traditional, Taiwanese scallion pancake!

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