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Hailey and Adam’s Breathtaking Three Immortals Trip

Experience the gorgeous views and peaceful sounds of the Three Immortals with Hailey and Adam.

Santiaxianti, otherwise known as the Three Immortals, is “one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan,” says Hailey. The Three Immortals is a bridge in the shape of a sea dragon, which connects the coast to the largest island. The name comes from three famous immortals , Lu, Tung-pin, Iron Crutch Li, and Ho Hsien-ku who once rested in this area, leaving behind three footprints (three large rocks, today). The aesthetic of the bridge against the ocean, the pebbles, and the black rock with the green growing on it make it “really special,” Hailey notes.

She and Adam highlight their appreciation for the sound of the ocean flowing over the pebbles, along with the crunching of the pebbles when you walk across them. Adam compares the sound to “ASMR,” saying that it is soothing. The synergy of these rich elements creates the experience of a lifetime at the Three Immortals in Taiwan.

Exciting Nearby Attractions

Taiwan is filled with exciting attractions every step you take. After the Three Immortals, Hailey and Adam take us to Monkey Mountain, which they explain is only twenty minutes away from the Three Immortals location.

Monkey Mountain, or “Shoushan” in Chinese, is a 3 mile loop trail featuring a large number of monkeys. In addition to Monkey Mountain, Hailey notes that “every couple minutes there’s another stop…a hidden gem….a scenic spot” in Taiwan. This is one of the many reasons that the couple says they “can’t get enough of this place.” Plan your own trip to the Three Immortals and Monkey Mountain in Taiwan to view these remarkable sights for yourself.

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