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Chiayi Light Festival with Hailey and Adam

Hailey and Adam celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as “Moon Festival” and “Mooncake Festival,” by traveling to Chiayi to experience the city’s immersive light show.

The Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated in Taiwan and other parts of East Asia, marking the fall harvest and offering traditional worship to the moon for some people. Hailey and Adam walk us through the “Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” light show, displaying a variety of beautifully colored lights and crowds of people who came to join in on the festive celebration. Hailey mentions that there are so many people walking around during the coronavirus because “Taiwan is so safe.” She continues by talking about how surreal it is to “be out in public and not have to worry about it.”

The Chiayi light show in Taiwan guarantees a safe, magical experience that is the perfect kickoff to the Mid-Autumn festival.

Celebration Details

The Chiayi light show is the biggest outdoor light exhibition in Taiwan. It is said that the sights, music, and smell of nature provide an all-encompassing experience. The Moon Festival, itself, lasts several days but the Chiayi light show runs for a month, enabling more time to celebrate. No need to worry about large gatherings and celebrations when you’re in Taiwan.

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