WASHINGTON (CBS News) — Lawmakers have returned to the Capitol to continue counting Electoral College votes, hours after a mob of angry rioters overran the building and sent members of Congress fleeing in the most brazen assault on the pillars of American democracy in recent history.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to resume the interrupted proceedings Wednesday evening. Senators returned to the Capitol under heavy guard, carrying with them the certificates of electoral votes that were rescued from rioters who broke into the chamber earlier in the day.

“The United States and the United States Congress have faced down much greater threats than the unhinged crowd we saw today. We’ve never been deterred before. And we’ll not be deterred today. They tried to disrupt our democracy. They failed,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said after returning to the Senate. “This failed insurrection only underscores how crucial the task before us is for our republic.”