OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Among Vice President Kamala Harris biggest fans on her historic inaugural day Wednesday were the Golden State Warriors.

The team posted a special video on social medial honoring the Bay Area native and life-long Warriors fan. Featuring a young Black girl named Stella, the post follows her as she walks the streets of Oakland in a Warriors jersey, talking about her hero Kamala Harris.

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“I’m from Oakland,” Stella says as she strolls through downtown Oakland. “I like that Kamala Harris is from Oakland too. I love that Kamala looks like me and I can do anything.”

It follows with a montage of Harris images as she grew up with sound from her “I’m Proud To Be A Daughter Of Oakland” VP acceptance speech playing in the background.

“Every little girl watching tonight sees that this is the world of possibilities,” Harris said in the speech and on the post.

The post also features the production of a very special Warriors Oakland jersey with the number “49” honoring Harris — who is the 49th Vice President of the United States — and the name “Madame VP” It is signed by Warriors star Steph Curry.

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“Madame Vice President I’m not saying you have to put this up in your office at the White House but it would probably be a good idea,” Curry says holding the jersey.

It’s the second jersey given to Harris since her election by the team.

Curry and fellow Warriors star Draymond Green also took to social media after election day to to show their support.

Curry, who grew up in North Carolina, was active in the months leading up to the election urging people to vote in the election.

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Meanwhile, Green — who along with his teammates did not visit the White House to celebrate their 2018-2019 NBA title — took to twitter to say with a new administration in place future NBA visit were again possible.