By Don Ford

BOLINAS (KPIX 5) — Despite all the rain, despite all the snow, the water situation in the Marin County coastal community of Bolinas has gotten to the point where they are considering mandatory water rationing.

Marin County gets almost all of its water from local rainfall and this year has been very dry for Marin, especially Bolinas.

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“We have had a traditional or continuing water shortage for many years, over 40, and there was a drought year last year and now we’re having another drought year back-to-back and we’re running out of water,” said Bolinas Community Public Utilities District President Jack Siedman.

To prevent the town from running out of water, Bolinas is about to mandate water rationing to 150 gallons per day. Bolinas relies on the Arroyo Honda Creek where water levels are way below average.

“At some point they’re going to get restricted on how much water they get if there’s no other solution,” said Siedman.

“Water is a limited resource. We need to ration it out so everyone gets what they need,” said Bolinas resident Phillippe Yee.

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John Glavis has lived in Bolinas for forty years, and says he’s seen this before.

“You have these situations where people who don’t live here, who have very large houses that have their irrigation systems coming on all the time,” Glavis claimed. “There are some records where people are using 1,000 gallons a day.”

Bolinas is not alone. North Marin Water’s Stafford reservoir is currently at 29% capacity. Marin Municpal Water District spokesperson Jeanne Belding says its seven lakes and reservoirs are at average 57% capacity.

“2020 was the second driest year in 90 years. So, we are asking all of our customers to conserve now,” said Belding.

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All the agencies are hoping March and April will be better.