Dekho Apna Desh, an exciting new campaign launched by India’s Ministry of Tourism (MoT), is creating a renewed surge in Indians’ passion for their home country and cultural heritage.

In an innovative scheme to boost domestic tourism, the MoT is promising to fully reimburse the travel expenses of tourists who take a pledge to visit 15 select destinations in the country within a year. Those who complete the task will also be honored as brand ambassadors of Indian Tourism.

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The campaign, an overwhelming hit, has struck a strong emotional chord among Indians as they discover new reasons to love their home country.

Dekho Apna Desh aims to introduce people to the lesser-traveled gems throughout the country, and it’s already paying off! Now that travel is slowly reopening in the country after months of lockdown, residents are getting started on their year-long journey across India to complete the challenge.

The 15 destinations included in the Dekho Apna Desh campaign are:

  • Kaziranga National Park M
  • Mahabodhi Temple
  • Kumarakom
  • Mahabalipuram
  • Hampi
  • Humayun’s Tomb
  • Amer Fort
  • Colva
  • Somnath Temple
  • Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri
  • Ajanta Ellora
  • Red Fort and Qutub Minar
  • Dholavira
  • Khajuraho
  • Konark Sun Temple

The Dekho Apna Desh challenge runs through 2022, making India the ultimate must-visit destination both domestically and internationally for at least the next two years. Proof of its success in boosting India’s travel economy is already evident – many of the destination sites are already completely booked for the next few months!

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In a recent webinar on Astro-tourism, Additional Secretary-Tourism Rupinder Brar opened the discussion by noting how India has immense potential in nature-based tourism, thanks to its many beautiful and diverse geographic features. She encouraged all to participate in Dekho Apna Desh, as the chosen destinations are immersed in surrounding nature. Brar also reminded all to take all precautionary safety measures while traveling, including social distancing and wearing a mask.

One of the most exciting parts of this initiative is how people from India are engaging and reconnecting with their heritage. Overall enthusiasm is apparent not just to the boost in the local travel economy but also all over social media as participants eagerly share their travels and encourage others to join in! What better way to learn about the beauty that surrounds you than by discovering new gems in your backyard? All who wish to sign up can do so on the MyGovIndia website.

The Dekho Apna Desh campaign is increasing interest in India in other ways, too. The MyGovIndia website has 24 fun and engaging quizzes that further educate and excite domestic and international travelers alike. You can challenge yourself on various topics, including India’s Hidden Gems or the Life of Gandhi. These games reward you with a certificate and are a great way to learn more about India’s rich history while still having fun!

Can’t make it in-person quite yet? The campaign has also launched an ongoing series of innovative webinars to educate viewers worldwide on varied topics such as “Goa: Crucible of Culture” or “India as a Yoga Destination,” led by industry professionals. Past and future webinars are available to watch on Incredible India and YouTube.

It’s never been a better time to learn more about India and explore its profound beauty. Head over to the MyGovIndia website to read about the Dekho Apna Desh campaign today!

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