SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Three baby peregrine falcon chicks have hatched in the nest that sits at the top of PG&E’s San Francisco headquarters, according to company officials.

PG&E announced the recent hatching with a press release issued Friday afternoon.

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The hatching of the peregrine chicks in the nest at the top of 77 Beale Street has become an annual spring rite for bird enthusiasts and conservationists who are able to watch the nest via the high-definition webcam set up at the top of the building.

Peregrine falcon family atop PG&E headquarters in SF (PG&E)

The latest round of peregrine chick eggs began hatching earlier this week on Tuesday, April 6, about a month after resident falcons Val and Canyon produced four eggs.

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As of Thursday, three of the four eggs had hatched, officials said.

According to the press release issued by the company, the parents will feed and care for the baby falcons over the next few weeks as they prepare for their first flights in late May or early June.

The popular webcam that shows the progress of the falcons has had more than 3.2 million viewers from around the world in the last five years.

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“In addition to 77 Beale’s importance as an indicator of species recovery, this nest has provided deep connection with the peregrine-recovery story for people around the world,” said Dr. Zeka Glucs, director of the Predatory Bird Research Group at the University of California, Santa Cruz.