SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – Health experts say the risk of contracting COVID-19 has always been very low outdoors if you’re not in a large crowd. Now with so many people being vaccinated they say the risk is even lower.

“We are in a transition phase as more people become vaccinated,” said Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody.

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At a news conference highlighting a million people vaccinated in Santa Clara County, Dr. Cody said people still must wear masks inside, and should err on the side of caution by wearing masks outside, especially in any crowded situation.

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“If you’re outside and there’s someone around that’s not wearing a mask, you are probably at very low risk, right? Because one, you’re outside, two, our vaccination rates are going up and three, our COVID rates are going down.”

The State of California still requires mask wearing in “all public and workplace settings where there is a high risk of exposure” which seems to leave a gray area for outside.

Meanwhile, the CDC said it’s considering revising its guidance on outdoor mask requirements as more people become vaccinated.

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“Outdoors, the evidence seems to be pointing to not necessary,” said Gary, who’s fully vaccinated and walks every day on the Los Gatos Creek trail.

“I wear one about half the time now, but as it gets hotter, it’s just more and more uncomfortable,” said Gary, who still carries a mask on his walk.

“Outside I feel fine. Inside, I always wear one,” he said.

People are enjoying the outdoors getting exercise, visiting friends, and going about their business.

And we found most people by far are still wearing their masks during their outdoor activities.

Two cyclists wearing masks in Santa Clara County, April 23, 2021. (CBS)

Two cyclists wearing masks in Santa Clara County, April 23, 2021. (CBS)

“I’ve been pretty diligent about the mask rule and if they’re comfortable and vaccinated then they should be able to live their lives how they want. Me personally I’ll probably still wear the mask, especially on days I don’t feel like wearing lipstick,” said Bronwyn Russell of Campbell.

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Russell said she just feels more comfortable with a mask, and doesn’t want to risk her health, or the health of her family.