CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (CBS SF) — CHP in the East Bay on Wednesday announced the arrest of a motorcyclist who had repeatedly been reported — and previously arrested — for speeding, reckless driving and other offenses.

The social media posts by the Contra Costa County office of the California Highway Patrol didn’t specify when or where the rider was taken into custody, but noted that he had previously evaded police after reports of driving recklessly at speeds over 100 mph and as fast as 130 mph.

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“He attempted to flee again, ducked down a side street but was unsuccessful in his attempt and officers took him into custody,” the text with the social media posts read.

CHP sarcastically said they followed the instructions of the suspect’s fake license plate — which reads “Run This” with a drawing of a hand with an extended middle finger between the words — and determined that he had been previously arrested for reckless driving, evading arrest, resisting arrest, using a fake license plate and driving with a suspended license.

Those were among the charges that the suspect would be facing, according to the post. Authorities said in addition to being taken into custody, the suspect’s motorcycle was impounded for 30 days.

“Reckless and excessive speeds are extremely dangerous to the rider and other people sharing the roads. Please slow down in the future and have a good day sir,” the post concluded.

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The suspect was not identified by authorities.