By Andrea Nakano

SAN RAFAEL (KPIX) — The Marin Municipal Water District Board voted unanimously to impose further restrictions on water use in the county. According to Marin Water, this is the driest 16 months in the last 142 years. The bottom line to all these restrictions is residents need to do everything they can to limit their water use.

“Really feeling like one pandemic happened and we’re going on another drought. It’s one thing to the next,” said Marin resident Ashley Hurd.

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Marin Water already restricted washing cars at home and power washing. Now, the board took further actions. Pools will now require covers to minimize water loss and sprinkler irrigation will be reduced to just twice a week.

“I’m not feeling it as much yet, but I know I will when they tell me I can only water my yard once a week,” resident Meme Hurd said.

Hurd lived through the 1976-77 drought when reservoirs were essentially emptied.

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“All our yards turned brown and you did one load of laundry with everything stuffed in there,” she said.

Meme worries the outside oasis she recently transformed from a dirt lot to a vibrant garden may suffer during this drought. She’s keeping her fingers crossed she can save her garden by collecting bath water.

Residents are fully aware sacrifices have to be made.

“I think we can get through this but it’s just one more thing that we have to endure,” said Hurd.

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These restrictions are effective immediately. First violation is a warning but the fine can go up to $250 on the 3rd violation.