By Andrea Nakano

PLEASANT HILL (KPIX) — A quiet Pleasant Hill community became the center of a massive police operation as authorities received a call about a possible murder. As it turned out, it was anything but that.

About an eight-block area off off Geary Road in Pleasant Hill was locked down Thursday morning as officers with guns zeroed in on a house where the incident occurred. The homeowner, who wants to remain anonymous, tells KPIX the report came in as a murder but, he says, this a case of swatting.

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On a police scanner traffic recording you can hear “There is a child on the line saying his dad just shot his mom and dad’s there … has a pistol. There is blood all over mom’s right neck … in the living room.”

Officers with guns drawn quickly swarmed the area.

Espree Angulo was home at the time and captured images on her Ring camera.

“I was terrified,” Angulo said. “I thought they were looking for someone specific. I was very scared.”

Police told her to stay inside her home. Angulo saw at least a dozen officers gathered on her lawn just outside her bedroom window. She immediately called her husband, who was dropping off their daughter at school.

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“We have cameras here so I started looking at the camera and I’m seeing police outside our house. To say the least it was alarming and I couldn’t wait to get back home,” Eric Angulo said.

After about an hour at the scene, officers realized this was a hoax. The Pleasant Hill police department called it a malicious false report.

In a span of an hour, the Angulos rode a roller coaster of emotions.

“I was frustrated and it was stressful and I was anxious and kind of mad that had all happened,” Espree Angulo said.

“For it to be a false alarm put me at ease because this is our local neighborhood and I’m glad nothing serious had happened,” Erica Angulo added.

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Police are investigating this incident to see who made the 911 call.