SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Amid cheers from supporters, Cyril Derreumaux shoved off into the San Francisco Bay early Monday, launching his attempt to solo paddle his kayak to Hawaii on a treacherous 2,400 nautical mile journey.

It will likely take two months for the Marin resident to reach islands and along the way he will have to navigate busy freighter traffic and towering seas in his 23-foot-long carbon fiber kayak.

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“There are a lot of emotions,” he told KPIX 5 in the pre-dawn hours Monday. “I love people, I love the support, I love human passions and it’s very raw right now and I love it. I live for this.”

He said he had no fears about what might lie ahead.

“There are no fears,” he said. “I have prepared, I feel serene, I feel ready. I have been waiting for this day and conditions are perfect. The boat is ready and I am ready.”

The 44-year-old Marin kayaker hopes it won’t take him longer than 70 days to reach Hawaii.

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Derreamaux, who moved to the Bay Area from France, runs several online retail websites from his Larkspur home where he lives with longtime girlfriend, Ashley Redmond.

She gave him a hug and a kiss moments before he began his journey.

The cabin of the kayak is quite small — just big enough for Derreumaux to lie down or sit up alongside his radio, water desalinators and electronics.

For food, he is carrying with him a mix of freeze-dried meals, high-calorie bars and smoothie powders.

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Viewers who want to follow along with Derreumaux’s solo adventure can watch his progress at his online tracking website.