SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — A group of boisterous protesters marched through the streets of San Jose to the home of Mayor San Liccardo Saturday night, demanding action in response to the officer-involved shooting death of Demetrius Stanley nearly a week ago.

Chanting ‘What do we want? Justice now’ and carrying signs calling for the defunding of the San Jose Police Department, the marchers were met by a line of riot-geared officers when they reached the mayor’s neighborhood.

There were no arrests reported.

On Tuesday night, nearly 100 protesters also took the streets to voice their anger. They blocked off northbound 87 and marched onto Taylor Street and then on to police headquarters.

The protests have come in the wake of the fatal officer-involved shooting of Stanley Monday night.

Sgt. Christian Camarillo told reporters that two officers responded to a call in the 1100 Block of Tofts Drive in north San Jose around 9:45 p.m.

While police were investigating the initial report, they were confronted by Stanley, who lived in the neighborhood allegedly pointed a gun at them. He was fatally wounded in the police volley.

No officers were injured and the shooting remains under investigation.

Stanley’s family members and activists have accused San Jose officials of withholding information and say the officers did not announce themselves as police during the incident.