SAN MATEO (KPIX) — Friday marked five years to the day that Sean Riley’s life was changed in an instant. On that Aug. 6 in 2016, Sean’s son Calvin was gunned down while playing Pokémon Go at San Francisco’s Aquatic Park.

“It’s been a living hell,” Riley told KPIX. “Every day it’s just trying to figure out who’s done this. Trying to bring someone to justice, trying to get up every morning and find the fight to figure out who has done this.”

Calvin Riley

Calvin Riley was shot dead in 2016 while playing Pokémon Go in San Francisco

Calvin, a 20-year-old standout on the Delta College baseball team in Stockton and a graduate of Serra High School never made it home that night. His case, handed over from SFPD to U.S. Park Police has been cold for years.

“We have a killer walking the streets and we have nothing,” Sean Riley said.

At a memorial gathering at St. Gregory School in San Mateo, Riley called for justice: “I go to bed every night telling Calvin I will find who’s done this.”

For Calvin’s friends it was a moment to remember the young man with the contagious personality who was filled with potential and a zest for life.

“He had a key phrase. He’d say ‘What’s up, stud’ in that thick Boston accent,” Serra High classmate Cole Anderson recalled.

“It still feels like the last time you saw him was yesterday. I still remember his smile and making jokes,” said friend Gray Goodman.

Sean Riley says Calvin gives him the strength, even in death, to wake up every morning.

“I miss my family. I miss, you know — him. I miss it all. I miss Sunday afternoon dinners. I miss his thirst for life and the way he impacted others. He had great energy every single day,” Riley said.