SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – From raging wildfires lasting months, smoky skies impacting air quality hundreds of miles away, to prolonged droughts, these weather-related events are often tied to climate change.

Now, the results are in from the California Dream CBS News poll focusing on climate change. More than 1,800 adults responded to the survey.

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“I’m extremely concerned about it,” said Greenbrae resident David Schnapf.

“I see a lot of lakes clearing out, and even Lake Tahoe drying up,” said Oakland resident Linaka Johnson.

“I’m much more concerned about the potential danger that we will all face,” said Greenbrae resident Julie Schnapf.

    A newly released CBS News YouGov poll shows 68% of Californians feel they’re at “high risk” from drought, ranking even higher than wildfires, which came in at 55%.

    “You see big numbers throughout the state. In the Bay Area almost 8 in 10 people feel like they’re experiencing or will be affected by it,” said CBS News election and surveys director Anthony Salvanto.

    Climate scientists believe droughts will get progressively worse in decades, leading to more severe water restrictions for all.

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    But there’s a clear divide as to whether climate change is a “very important issue.” 79% of Democrats say it is. Among Independents, that number is 53%, and only 34% among Republicans.

    “Here’s a place where we see things cutting across at least some of those partisan lines as people generally feel the effects of climate change,” said Salvanto.

    “We’re clearly not doing enough to avert catastrophe,” said Julie Schnapf.

    Who is supporting state efforts to slow climate change, is also very blue and red.

    “You can buy the $20 oil filter now or pay $2000 for an engine rebuild. That’s the situation we’re facing. We can make the investment now or things are going to get a lot worse,” said David Schnapf.

    The Bay Area had the highest percentage of residents feeling they’re at “high risk” from drought. More than 3 out of 4 people feel that way.

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    That number dramatically dropped to just about 1 in 2 among respondents in Southern California.