By John Ramos

WINDSOR (KPIX) — The former mayor of the Sonoma County town of Windsor resigned in May amid multiple allegations of sexual assault. But, two weeks ago, Dominic Foppoli filed papers to run again in 2022, stunning the community and leaving some wondering if there is another motive behind it.

Dominic Foppoli resigned his mayorship facing nine allegations of sexual assault on women. The community was shocked when, two weeks ago, he filed a “candidate intention statement” to establish a campaign committee under the title, “Friends of Dominic Foppoli for Mayor 2022.”

“I thought it was some kind of joke, actually. I was pretty shocked,” said resident Imogene Jones. “I also think it’s a pretty crappy thing to do.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Tom Van Camp. “I had to re-read it. I just thought, ‘why in the world would he do that?’ Because it just opens up more wounds.”

“I think the immediate reaction was they were astounded and angry and thought it was real,” said councilmember Sam Salmon. “They read on the paper, ‘running for Mayor in 2022’ and the normal person may not know about campaign committees.”

Salmon, who is the newly appointed mayor, doubts that Foppoli really intends to run again. He thinks it’s a move to control the $24,000 remaining in Foppoli’s campaign account. Election law gives people 90 days after leaving office to close their accounts, either by donating to a non-profit or to other candidates running for office. Filing to run in 2022 gives Foppoli another year or so to distribute the money.

“You know, his paperwork says ‘Mayor 2022’ so it certainly leads to a reasonable conclusion that he’s posturing,” said Traci Carrillo, a victims-rights attorney representing six of the women alleging abuse. She says, even if it is just a financial ploy, it’s still having a traumatizing effect on Foppoli’s accusers.

“It just absolutely triggered everybody, without a doubt,” Carrillo said. “Here, they’re trying to live their life and get back to some semblance of normalcy and every time it comes back into the media, it just reopens the wounds and it’s as if they’re being assaulted again.”

“I think that was part of the problem we were dealing with Dominic,” said Mayor Salmon. “He doesn’t realize the severity of what his actions cost the town.”

Foppoli didn’t respond for comment on Sunday but told KCBS radio in a statement “I have made no decision to run at this point.”

If he does, the decision of the voters may be an easy one.

“I don’t know anybody that would support him,” said Van Camp.

Jones was even more concise: “No chance.”