OAKLAND (KPIX) — About seven million Californians have already voted in the recall election. The push in the final days is getting registered voters’ remaining ballots into a dropbox or the voting booth.

“This election is today,” Governor Gavin Newsom said Saturday in Oakland. “The election is tomorrow. The election is over Tuesday at 8:01 PM.”

On the last Saturday of the election Newsom was joined by fellow Democrats and members of SEIU 2015, representing many of the state’s longterm caregivers. The governor urged those union members to get out and rally more people to vote “no.”

There are just a few days left to vote but there are still millions of outstanding ballots that could be returned and there are all the voters who may actually find their way into a voting booth.

“I didn’t receive my ballot,” said Kellie Morin in Orinda. “But I will be first in line on Tuesday morning.”

Addressing the crowd Saturday, the governor stayed on the same message we’ve heard since he started campaigning: framing the recall around one specific opponent.

“If we don’t turn in the ballots and turn out the vote on September 14, Larry Elder will be the next governor of the state of California,” Newson said.

Speaking with reporters after the event, the governor did acknowledge some optimism, based on the raw numbers his campaign has seen so far.

“I’m hopeful because I’m seeing some good signs of early ballots being turned in,” Newsom said. “And we can track that. We know how many ballots have been turned in, we watch that every single day. You can actually go back and poll people that have turned in their ballots, so you really get a sense of where you are going into Election Day.”