KPIX At 70: Remembering Newscaster Stan BohrmanOver the decades, we've had an amazing team of anchors and reporters. One of our favorite on-air personalities who had the brains, the looks, and the voice was Stan Bohrman.
Download: San Francisco Boys Chorus Gives Bay Area A Special Christmas GiftIt was a time for historic Bay Area firsts back in December of 1948. /not only did KPIX 5 go on the air for the first time, but the San Francisco Boys Chorus. -- who would sing for world leaders and audiences across the world over the next 70 years -- was formed.
Former Anchors and Reporters, Surprise Well-Wishers Salute KPIX On 70th AnniversaryDecember 22nd will mark 70 years of KPIX broadcasting, and some of the people you've seen on Channel 5 over the years have a few thoughts on the milestone.
Music Memories Fill Seven Decades of KPIX Broadcast HistoryOn Dec. 22, KPIX officially turns 70 so it's time to get up and dance and sing out loud, as we look back across 70 years of Bay Area music history.
San Francisco Still Stunned By 1978 Moscone-Milk AssassinationsThe shock still reverberates from the blurry, aged video tape. Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk had been gunned in their offices at San Francisco City Hall.
Former 'Dirty Jobs' Host Looks Back At His KPIX RootsIn the midst of celebrating our 70th anniversary, it seemed only fitting that KPIX 5 reconnect with one of the station's most popular personalities from its past.
A Medical Miracle -- 1958 KPIX 5 Live Broadcast Of Open Heart SurgeryTommy Hunter was an 8-year-old Oakland boy who simply wanted to play with his friends, but his ailing heart would not allow it.
KPIX At 70: Covering The 1989 Loma Prieta EarthquakeAs part of our look back at 70 years of KPIX broadcasting, we remember the 15 seconds that changed our lives and served as a major wake-up call to anyone who lives in the Bay Area.
KPIX Legend Dave McElhatton Talks About What Makes A News StoryThe late Dave McElhatton ranks as one of the top Bay Area newsmen and storytellers of all time. Here Dave talks about what it takes to report a great news story.

KPIX 5 Video Archives

KPIX AT 70: Activist Rita Rockett Helped Bring Life And Light To SF General AIDS WardElizabeth Cook reports how activist Rita Rockett helped light up AIDS ward during dark early years of crisis (12-31-2018)
KPIX AT 70: Looking Back At Pioneering Daytime Show 'People Are Talking'Joe Vazquez takes a look back at the popular KPIX 5 daytime talkshow "People Are Talking" (12-31-2018)
PEOPLE ARE TALKING: Dana Carvey InterviewThis web-only exclusive clip looks back at the episode of "People Are Talking" where Ann and Ross interviewed Bay Area comedian and then "Saturday Night Live" star Dana Carvey..
PEOPLE ARE TALKING: Ann And Ross Host The Show At A Nudist Colony (contains brief nudity)This web-only exclusive clip looks back at the episode of "People Are Talking" held on the grounds of the Lupin Naturalist Club.
PEOPLE ARE TALKING: Seinfeld, Leslie Nielsen Prank, Bloopers And MoreHere are some web-exclusive extras from our look back at "People Are Talking," including an appearance by comedian Jerry Seinfeld and a blooper reel (12-31-2018)
Vicious Knife Attack Led to New Life and Mission for Young San Francisco WomanIn 1962, KPIX news captured a very different reality for 22-year-old April Aaron, who was horribly injured in a brutal attack. In a recent interview with April, she said, "I believe that I was spared and that I was healed so that I could live my life out and be able to do what I've been able to do in my life." Elizabeth Cook reports. (12-30-2018)
KPIX At 70: Remembering Newscaster Stan BohrmanOver the decades, we've had an amazing team of anchors and reporters. Ken Bastida tells us about one of our favorites who had the brains, the looks and the voice -- Stan Bohrman.
San Francisco Boys Chorus Records 70th Anniversary KPIX AnthemThe San Francisco Boys Chorus and KPIX are both celebrating their 70th anniversary and both came together musically at the huge scoring stage at Skywalker Sound in Marin County. (12-25-18)
KPIX 70: Technology Evolves But Commitment To News Excellence Has Not ChangedBroadcast technology may have evolved over the years -- from film, to videotape and now digital -- but our mission has not changed. Andria Borba takes a look back at 70 years of news excellence at KPIX.