San Francisco Tips Scales In Homicide Cases Delayed For YearsIt is not uncommon to see homicide cases delayed in going to trial, but in San Francisco, it appears that justice is getting delayed many more times than in other Bay Area counties.
Corporate Sand Mining In SF Bay Sparks 'Sand Wars'As sand on the world's beaches runs scarcer, there's a rush to mine it--a sand rush that's playing out right in the San Francisco Bay.
More People Leaving Pricey California For Tax-Free Nevada LifestyleCalifornia has the highest taxes in the nation, and the new federal tax law that limits state and local tax deductions to $10,000 dollars has people crossing state lines.
Parking Battle Begins Early At Antioch BART StationThe popularity of BART's extension to Antioch has quickly outgrown its limited parking lot.
Many Jet Airliners Unequipped to Filter Toxic Cabin AirAs the holiday travel season approaches, there is a danger airline passengers should be aware of: cabin air can get contaminated and make you sick.
Trendy Dog Diet Could Be Linked To Spike In Canine Heart DiseaseSome Bay Area pet owners were stunned to hear the news: their seemingly healthy dogs suddenly diagnosed with a potentially deadly heart disease.
A Rescue Amid The Ruins Of ParadiseAs coroner's teams searched for clues about the missing in the ashes of the Camp Fire, a living cat was found and rescued.
'MacGyver' Consultant Makes His Living As Physics ProfessorFans of the hit CBS Friday night show 'MacGyver' may wonder: how many of the title character's creative contraptions are based on real science? And can any of them be made at home?