Oil Drilling May Be Coming Back to Brentwood Next To New HomesOil rigs pumping crude right next to homes may be the norm in Kern County. But not in the Bay Area, and that's why it came as a shock when some East Bay residents found out about a proposal to drill for oil right behind their housing development.
Army Of Contact-Tracing Workers Being Recruited To Help Combat Coronavirus PandemicExperts say contact tracing is going to play a critical role in fighting the coronavirus. It’s been practiced for decades, used to fight SARS, Ebola and AIDS, but never on as big a scale.  
'Getting Older Adults Killed'; COVID Wings At Nursing Homes Adding To Outbreak FearsNursing homes are hotbeds for coronavirus outbreaks, with about a fifth of COVID-19 deaths connected to them. Yet many states including California, are asking the facilities to take care of infected patients in-house. Some nursing homes have set up "COVID wings."
Questions, Fears Surround Bay Area Nursing Homes' Acceptance Of COVID-19 PatientsNursing homes have had to adopt "no visiting" policies as a precaution to keep the coronavirus out. But some nursing homes are ramping up plans to bring infected patients in, including building special COVID-19 wings to help out during the pandemic. But families of current residents see the move as fueling the pandemic instead.
Non-Profit Pays For Thousands Of Monterey County 8th Graders To See 'Hamilton'Not that long ago, it might have seemed impossible to think of Alexander Hamilton's story as a musical. The same could be said about the idea of bringing every 8th grade student from Monterey County to San Francisco's Orpheum Theater to see 'Hamilton' come to life on stage.
San Francisco-Based Holberton Coding School Facing Fraud Accusations From Former StudentsCoding schools are cropping up all over the country, touting a fast track to a six-figure software engineering job. But dozens of students at one Bay Area school say they got a bad deal.
Silicon Valley Ageism Prompting Increase In Men Seeking Cosmetic ProceduresAgeism is becoming a growing problem in the male-dominated tech industry and some are finding creative ways around it. 
Are Lululemon Leggings Found At Flea Markets A Real Deal Or A Steal?It's one of the most popular workout clothing brands on the market and an expensive one as well. Lululemon leggings can run you as much as $150 dollars a pair. What if you could buy them for half price?
Many California Retailers Flout Bottle, Can Recycling LawIf you paid a deposit for recycling bottles and cans, you are supposed to be able to get your money back. It's part of California's 33-year-old bottle bill. But don't expect smooth sailing, because many retailers are flouting the law.
Bay Area Researchers Key on Blood Plasma to Fight Age-Related DiseasesAt Alkahest, in San Carlos, scientists are working on innovative therapies for diseases that are linked to aging.
Bay Area Patients Stung By Unapproved Stem Cell Treatments As FDA Looks To Clamp DownHundreds of clinics are popping up all over the country offering unapproved and potentially dangerous stem cell treatments.