Home Alone: Helping Pandemic Pets Cope When Their Owners Return To WorkDuring the COVID lockdown, our pets provided a lot of comfort and joy during the stressful time. But now experts and households alike wonder how our furry friends will fare as world slowly reopens and pet owners go back to work.
Sinking Sidewalks In San Francisco's Mission Bay Not An Issue Near UCSF Medical CenterThere is a new twist tonight in an ongoing investigation into sinking sidewalks in one San Francisco neighborhood known as “Little Venice.”
COVID Pandemic Brings New Difficulties to International Adoption ProcessCOVID-19 restrictions have left many hopeful Bay Area parents to be with open but empty arms as the pandemic has slowed down or suspended their adoption plans.
Kelp Forest Loss An Ecological Disaster Requiring Creative Solutions In Age of Climate ChangeOver the last 10 years, an ecological disaster has taken place along the coast from San Francisco north.
Private Water Company's Woes Leave Santa Cruz Mountain Community High and DryA private water company in the Santa Cruz Mountains has been fined $21,000 by the California State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water.
'He Stood Up From His Wheelchair'; Promising New UCSF Treatment Aiding Injured Surfer Walk AgainA team of UCSF data scientists, medical researchers and trauma specialists at Zuckerberg SF General Hospital have uncovered a promising new treatment for paralyzing spinal injuries.
With Sirhan Sirhan's Possible Parole Looming, Controversial Theories on RFK Assassination ResurfaceIn the wake of convicted Robert F. Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan being recommended for parole, an enduring controversy about who really shot the U.S. senator has resurfaced.
Bay Area Labs Explore Causes Behind Age-Related Illnesses and How to Stop ThemAs the Baby Boom generation swells the ranks of the elderly, the Bay Area's scientific community is turning its attention to the causes of age-related illness.
KPIX Exclusive: San Francisco Luxury Condos Overlook City's Worst Squalor; 'I Don't Want To Be Afraid To Live Here' A one-way, one-block alley in San Francisco has neighbors living in constant fear and afraid for their safety. Willow Street between Van Ness and Polk currently has the highest concentration of tents in San Francisco, according to the latest city data.
UPDATE: 'It Was Deceptive;' Former San Francisco Millennium Tower Tenant Glad He's OutEven though building officials gave the green light Thursday for limited work to resume on the fix for San Francisco's leaning Millennium Tower, one former condo owner told KPIX he’s glad he got out.
Original Report: Whistleblower Sets Off Probe Into Illegal Discharge Of Petcoke At Port Of BeniciaAn environmental watchdog claims it caught a polluter on camera in the act of repeatedly discharging a petroleum byproduct illegally into the bay at the Port of Benicia.