Warnings About San Francisco Millennium Tower Repair Plans Raised Before Work BeganDays after San Francisco officials put the construction to shore up San Francisco's leaning Millennium Tower on indefinite hold, there’s new evidence that building officials were forewarned about the dangers of the current fix.
Experts Warn About Vulnerabilities of U.S. GPS System to Cyber TerroristsSaturday marked 20 years since the deadliest ever terror attack on U.S. soil. But some technology experts are warning about a growing security threat that has left the nation vulnerable to catastrophe.
Planned Fix To San Francisco's Leaning Millennium Tower Getting New Scrutiny From City HallThe problem-plagued fix for San Francisco's leaning Millennium Tower is now getting the attention of City Hall.
Nurses Say Continuing Personnel Shortages Beset COVID Care WorkersMore than a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic nurses say they're dealing with a severe shortage in staffing and plummeting morale.
UPDATE: ADA Plaintiffs Filing Multiple Lawsuits Targeting Hotel WebsitesHundreds of Bay Area merchants have been hit hard lately with lawsuits for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. And the legal action is not just taking aim at brick and mortar businesses; it's also targeting internet sites.
KPIX 5 Original Report: Fake COVID Vaccination Cards SurgeMore employers, businesses, and municipalities may feel that it's now time to require COVID vaccinations prompting some unvaccinated individuals to turn to fake cards to get them through the front door, but at a potentially terrible cost.
A Dosage Of Hope: ALS Patients Fight For a Chance At Promising TherapiesImagine being told you have just a few years left to live and a promising cutting-edge treatment exists that could extend your life, but no amount of money can buy it.
Serial Plaintiff Turns California ADA Lawsuits Into a Lucrative Cottage IndustryA recent spate of lawsuits against Bay Area businesses for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act has the merchant community on edge.
Stanford Researchers Lead National Alliance Using Advanced Tech to Boost Human PerformanceStanford scientists are using technology to unlock the secrets of human performance and overcome the body's weaknesses.
KPIX 5 Exclusive: Older Concrete Buildings in San Francisco Raise Earthquake ConcernsSan Francisco has thousands of older, multi-story concrete buildings like the condo that collapsed in Surfside, raising safety concerns over what will happen to the structures in a major earthquake.
Scientists Try to Save Migratory Western Monarch Butterflies as a Mystery UnfoldsDuring the 20th century, millions of Western Monarch butterflies clustered along the California coast during their winter migration. But just last fall, fewer than 2,000 showed up.
Organic Farming Battle Pits Aquaponics, Hydroponics Against Traditional Soil FarmsAs more U.S. farmers turn to high-tech indoor techniques, some are raising questions about the true meaning of organic farming.
Ketamine Seen As Possible Breakthrough Drug For Treating Range Of Mental Health IssuesWhile COVID-19 may feel under control, many people are feeling mentally off - chronically exhausted, burned out, anxious, quick to anger, and depressed. One treatment offers hope, but it's not without controversy.
Despite a Coal Ban in Oakland, Developer Leverages Proposed Facility Against CityDespite a years-long city ban on coal storage and handling in Oakland, the developer behind a proposed coal terminal on former Oakland Army Base land has not given up.
East Bay Neighborhood Frustrated After Providing Video of Alleged Arson SuspectWaking up in the middle of the night to flames outside your window is scary enough. But imagine knowing that the person suspected of setting fire to the house next door could still be prowling the neighborhood.