Len Ramirez


San Jose native Len Ramirez has been a news reporter for KPIX 5 News covering the Santa Clara County/South Bay Region since 1989. Prior to his arrival at KPIX 5, Len was a reporter for KOMO Channel 4 in Seattle, Washington and at KMST Channel 46 in Monterey. Ramirez was also a general assignment reporter for the San Jose newsroom at KSBW Channel 8 in Salinas.

Len received an Emmy award in 2003 for Best Daytime Newscast reporting. He has also been the recipient of two Best News Story awards from the Radio and Television News Directors Association in 1985 and 1986. He also has three other Emmy nominations for breaking and investigative news. During his career, Len has covered several major national and international stories including the Mexico City earthquake, the Los Angeles riots, and the OJ Simpson murder trial. Len also specializes in covering Santa Clara County for KPIX 5.

Len often volunteers his time to encourage students to complete their education and is a frequent guest speaker at San Jose’s Latino Role Model Conference. He is also a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the California Chicano News Media Association.

Len graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in journalism in 1983.

He lives in San Jose with his wife Julie, and their three children.
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Law Enforcement Pushes To Preserve California Use Of Force Standard

Law enforcement leaders want lawmakers to consider what it takes to pull the trigger before they vote on a bill to change the standard for police use-of-force from “reasonable” to “necessary.”


Mineta San Jose Airport To Implement Facial Recognition Security System

Mineta San Jose International Airport just became the first airport on the West coast to commit to fully adopting U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s new biometric security system. 


Tesla Showroom

Tesla’s Model 3 Has More Refunds, Cancellations Than Deposits

There’s new trouble for Tesla and its Model 3 sedan. Refunds from pre-orders are now outpacing deposits. 


Exodus From Bay Area Leads To Shortage Of Available Moving Trucks

The ongoing exodus of people leaving the Bay Area because of the high cost of living is contributing to a new problem as actually finding movers to help with relocation has become a challenge.


San Jose Eases Restrictions On Homeowner In-Law Units

San Jose is looking in its own backyard to solve its housing shortage, with the city making it easier for homeowners to build small units on their land.


Cupertino City Council To Consider Business Tax Increase For November Ballot

The Cupertino City Council on Tuesday evening will consider placing an increased business tax on the November ballot to fund city projects, including a new City Hall, library renovations and transit studies.


arizona flood cbs photo

Report: Rising Sea Levels To Flood Thousand OF Bay Area, California Homes

Thousands of Bay Area homes are at serious risk of flooding in the next few decades according to a startling new prediction about the threat of rising tides on real estate nationwide.


‘Trash Punx’ Take On Task Of Cleaning Up San Jose Streets

A group in San Jose is tired of looking at dirty streets and are taking matters into their owns hands, cleaning up thrashed areas “punk rock” style.


Tesla Car Lot

California May Nix Tesla Tax Rebate As Part Of Proposed Labor Rule

Proposed labor rules would require Tesla and other electric car manufacturers in California to certify its employees are being treated well in order for customers to claim electric vehicle rebates.


Report Shows Diversity In Tech Has Only Gotten Worse

After years of talk and little action in Silicon Valley, there is new evidence that diversity in tech is actually getting worse.


Recent Fremont Gold Chain Robberies Caught On Video

People in Fremont are on edge Friday following a string of violent robberies all targeting women wearing gold chains, including two incidents that were caught on camera.


Thieves Get Access To Mail From Damaged Drop Boxes In San Jose

Mail thieves have been taking advantage of damaged mail drop boxes in San Jose to the apparent surprise of post office officials.


Judge Persky Breaks Silence On Upcoming Recall Vote

The judge who presided over the controversial Brock Turner rape case spoke in front of cameras for the first time Tuesday about the recall effort against him.


Sex Education In Fremont Elementary Schools Up For Debate

Parents lined up for hours to attend a meeting on sex education changes at the Fremont Unified School District, which would include elementary school curriculum more explicit than students and parents are used to.


Voter generic/(FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Asian Americans Sue City Of Santa Clara Over Voting Representation

Asian American voters are taking the city of Santa Clara to court to make their political voices heard.


Smugglers Caught Trafficking Thousands Of Stolen California Succulents

It was an international smuggling ring that was trafficking not in guns or drugs, but native California succulent plants called Dudleyas, by the thousands.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–04/20/2018

SJSU Rally

Activists Want Sanctioned Camp For Homeless San Jose State Students

It’s not the kind of thing you’d expect to see on a college campus, but some students at San Jose State are asking for a place on school grounds to pitch their tents.


San Jose City Leaders Divided Over Trip To Japan Paid For By Taxpayers

San Jose city leaders are divided over a recent trip to Japan that was paid with taxpayers’ money.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–04/17/2018

Legislators, Protesters Push To Restrict Firearm Sales

The battle for tighter restrictions on gun sales in California includes a couple of new pushes to make it more difficult to purchase firearms.


tree-trimming electrocution

Tree-Trimmer Electrocuted In Backyard Of San Jose Home

A tree-trimmer was electrocuted in San Jose Monday when he came into contact with a power line while working in the backyard of a home.


Landlord, Tenants Move to Colorado

San Jose Landlord Moving To Colorado With Tenants In Tow

A Bay Area landlord is fed up with the high cost of living, so he’s moving out. And he’s taking his tenants with him.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–02/23/2018

Scandalized San Jose School Sets Up Office To Prevent Student Abuse

An all-girls Catholic high school in San Jose at the center of numerous charges of abuse has come up with a new system to handle sexual misconduct accusations.


Poll: San Jose Google Campus Proposal Raises Concerns For Residents

Dramatic increases in housing costs and concerns about traffic congestion are people’s top worries about a proposed San Jose Google campus.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–02/16/2018

DUI Driver Suspected Of Killing 3 To Stand Trial After Judge Sees Facebook Posts

A judge was going to sentence a DUI suspect to time served. But then he saw her Facebook posts.


San Jose Residents Worry Downtown Google Campus Will Price Them Out

Many San Jose residents had a message for city leaders on Tuesday: Just say no — to Google. 

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–02/13/2018

Jimmy G Welcomed As 49ers’ New Franchise QB, Despite Slip Of The Tongue

Making his first appearance since the 49ers signed him to a record-breaking new contract, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo received a warm welcome, despite a verbal misstep during a news conference Friday.


San Francisco's 'Painted Ladies'

San Francisco Bay Area Experiences Mass Exodus Of Residents

The number of people packing up and moving out of the Bay Area just hit its highest level in more than a decade.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–02/08/2018

San Jose City Council To Decide Home For Columbus Statue

The San Jose City Council will take a vote Tuesday to determine the fate of the Christopher Columbus statue in City Hall.


Pregnant San Jose Mom Stricken With The Flu Loses Her Baby

A pregnant San Jose woman caught the flu and ended up losing her baby.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–01/26/2018

Activists Stage Protest Over Planned Google Campus In San Jose

Housing activists on Wednesday mounted a protest against Google and its plans for a new mega campus in the South Bay.


Menlo Park Police Crack Down On Newly Restricted Turns

A popular shortcut through a peninsula neighborhood has been cut off as police cracked down on enforcing newly restricted turns.


Wasted Anti-Marijuana Campaign in Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County Officials Launch Anti-Pot Ads Aimed At Teens

Santa Clara County is launching a campaign in the wake of recreational marijuana legalization to send a message to teens: Don’t become a pot head!


Tech Worker Buses Targeted On Bay Area Freeway

Six buses chartered by two major Bay Area tech companies to get employees to and from work were recently targeted by someone launching projectiles at the vehicles as they traveled on Interstate 280, authorities said.


BART Warm Springs/South Fremont Station

Commuters May Have To Wait Longer For BART Extension To San Jose

South Bay commuters may have to wait even longer to hop on a BART train. 


Gilroy Garlic Company Denies Allegations Made In Netflix Documentary

A Bay Area garlic farm is getting roasted in a new Netflix documentary series, accused of selling garlic peeled by Chinese prisoners.


Bay Area Hospitals Limit Visitors Due To Flu Scare

Hospitals in the South Bay are limiting visitors as they deal with a winter outbreak of flu.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–01/05/2018

California Lawmakers Eye Loopholes Around Fed Tax Deduction Limits

Democrats in Sacramento are exploring ways to help Californians save money by creating a loophole around deduction limits that are part of the new federal tax law.


High-Price Housing

Wealthy Silicon Valley Home Buyers Squeezed in Luxury Housing Crunch

The housing crunch in pricey Silicon Valley is not only hitting those who are barely scraping by. Even millionaires are not making money fast enough to keep up with the surging real estate market.


Million Dollar San Jose Homes Plagued By Falling Tiles Get Repairs

The brand new housing development that’s been falling apart in San Jose is finally getting repairs.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–12/12/2017

San Jose Considers Building Tiny Cabins To House The Homeless

San Jose city officials unveiled conceptual renderings for small cabins that could serve to house the homeless population.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–12/04/2017